On Apertures : A Sonnet

Aperture is one of the most basic and dominating factors whilst working on the camera settings, and to beginners, it often comes across as an intimidating turn of the dial. But here’s simplifying it for all with a Sonnet.

On Apertures

Oft lensmen wonder, “What is Aperture?”
“Whether to use f2 or f20?”,
It varies as you shoot men or nature,
Or to take in lesser light or plenty,

For macros they say use apertures wide,
It reduces depth of field and clutter,
But use narrow whilst on shores at seaside,
And tweak exposure by varying shutter,

By nightfall whilst city lights do gleam bright,
Wide apertures will give lovely bokeh,
You’ll need narrow still to shoot trailing lights,
Though high ISO shots turn out just “Okay”,

As rule of thumb use depth of field to choose,
Large ‘f’ for deep, small for a shallow muse.


– Siddhartha

Forgive me for any inaccuracies in the Iambs. I am too full of Trochees and Spondees to make way for a perfect meter.


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